RIP Glen Campbell

RIP Glen Campbell. He was such a wonderful, warm, funny, incredibly talented man. Feels like the end of a great era. He was so good to me, so kind, so generous, and singing with him was a true honor. My heart goes out to Kim and all his family.

From 1982, Glen Campbell & I sing “If You Were My Lady” on a British TV show. This duet was released as a single in Europe, South America, and Australia, and we performed it every night on Glen’s UK and European tour. Such an honor to sing with this unbelievably talented man.

2 thoughts on “RIP Glen Campbell”

  1. nice to see you are doing so well in different things than singing. just got 2 vinyl albums of you in 1974-5 and playing them well. new hampshire i believe is a lovely place. wasnt it on golden pond that was filmed there. regards steve

    1. Hey Steve, yes, NH is very nice and you are right – On Golden Pond was filmed on Lake Winnipesaukee, right in the middle of the state. Loons and all! We are happy here. We have long cold snowy winters, but we prefer that to the heat humidity of further south on the east coast.

      My best to you, and thanks for taking the time to write and say hello!


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