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Diane Solomon’s Author interview on BookGoodies

bookgoodies Diane Solomon interview


What inspires you to write?
The joy of creativity, of being creative, drives me. It always has! As a singer/songwriter, I learned to trust the creative process and dive deeply into it. You have to dare to be criticized, dare to be silly, to be crazy, to be wild. There are moments during writing where you forget yourself entirely. You lose track of time. The writing seems to have taken over. Sometimes you look down and are surprised by what you read, as if you didn’t, in fact, write it! I can only describe this experience as somehow verging on transcendent, in that it feels beyond the limits of experience, or independent of this world. It is exciting, inspiring, and rewarding.

As for ideas for books, they stem from my life (and I have had a very strange but interesting life), and from my imagination. And from the “What if?” game!


Amazon #1 Bestseller in Homeopathy!

Oh my! As of today’s date, Nov 20, my book, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; a guide to the homeopathic treatment of CFS, is the #1 BESTSELLER in homeopathy on Amazon!

#1 Bestseller. OK…. I am speechless, and thrilled.  So amazing! Check out the screenshot…

amazon best seller homeopathy FINAL Nov 20 2015

Thanks to you all of you who bought it. I do hope this info helps CFS sufferers to find their answer.