Mark’s Goodreads Reviews

Mark Carey is an eloquent, articulate, entertaining writer. You’ll enjoy his book reviews, and get some ideas for good books (or not so good!) to read next.

Here are just a few of his many Goodreads reviews.

mark best shot close

Short excerpt:  … “I read it out loud to my dogs. They were less impressed than I was but they were remarkably attentive during the process.”
Short excerpt:  … “Colors of the Mountain is an intriguingly honest look at growing up and coming of age in China in the 60’s and 70’s. Da Chen lays bare the reality of life for the underclass of that time as only an expatriate can.”…
Short excerpt:  ... “In The Crystal Cave we not only get to know Merlin, we get to understand the worlds through which he floats. As a reader I truly appreciate writing that creates a window into another world. Mary Stewart opened that window, then opened the door and invited me in.”
Short excerpt:  … “The Federalist Papers are not an easy read. They are, in fact, an education. Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay lay the groundwork for the ratification of the Constitution of the United States of America. Eighty-five articles written over eleven months and published in a variety of New York City newspapers argued for the establishment of a strong but limited Federal Government.”
“Kahlil Gibran has long been revered for his writings, his insight, and his heart. This book is a look into his heart through the heart of another. Mary Haskell is the shining star and passionate hero of this collection. The depth of her love is surpassed only by her eloquence.”
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