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Great review from Books From Dusk Till Dawn!

Great review: Thank you Susan Hampson of Books From Dusk Till Dawn!

5 Stars! What a great review! “OMG this is just such an hilarious book. I know I shouldn’t find pleasure in someone else’s down falls, but at times I just had to stop reading because I couldn’t see any more, it was just so very funny.”   READ MORE


Carrie K’s Book Reviews gives “The Ravenstone” 5 stars!

Raventsone coverCarrie K’s Book Reviews

Many thanks to Carrie Kurtz of Carrie K’s Book Reviews for her wonderful review! So glad she loved it.


“There were honestly so many interesting things in this book!  It kept me wanting to read and I found myself trying to sneak in extra times to read a chapter or two.  As a matter of fact, I “went to bed” early so that I could finish it last night!

I will certainly be recommending this book!  Not just to children or middle graders, but to anyone who enjoys reading science fiction, fantasy, action, magical type genres.”  

READ ON!Carrie K's Book Reviews

Great new review! “This book really gave me goose bumps..An awesome read!”

Raventsone cover


Many thanks to Susan Hampson of “Books From Dawn Till Dusk” for her great review!



“Diane Solomon and Mark Carey have made a formidable team creating a very original story line that links together very well. The use of a mirror and twins is very clever but also do check out the twins names and see if you can find anything unusual about them.  It is this attention, the going that extra mile, that makes this book very special. The detail of what life would be like in the past is super, with  writing that is very appropriate for middle grade readers. There are times in the book that will give an adrenaline rush but won’t leave the young readers frightened. This book really gave me goose bumps  which I have got again just writing about it. An awesome read!”


Wonderful intelligent book review from Quills and Roses!

quills-roses-twitterMark and I received a Christmas present today: a wonderful review from Quills and Roses.

Please forgive me if I toot a horn or two:

“…for the middle-grade category, this novel is up there with the greats.”

“The world is really interesting and well thought-out, and every leaf and branch is there, on the page.”

“The world is described so well that the magic practically jumps off the page and feels real. It’s absolutely wonderful.”

Thank you Sally of Quills and Roses!


Book Review Excerpt

“This novel kind of reminds me of those Magic Tree House books I used to love (anyone remember those? Or am I too old?). Except, with more sophisticated plotting and writing.

“There was a lot of suspense and mystery. The bad guys were terrifyingly bad and the good guys were cute and smart and good. Older readers may find that a bit too simple, but for the middle-grade category, this novel is up there with the greats.

“Conclusion: If you’ve ever wanted to go on a magical time travelling adventure with a pair of smart, inquisitive twins (or are doing some Christmas shopping for young, avid readers) be sure to check The Ravenstone out!”

Read book review here:  Quills and Roses Review of The Ravenstone 

Book Review: “The Nightingale” by Kristin Hannah

The NightingaleThe Nightingale by Kristin Hannah
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Having read quite a few of Kristin Hannah’s books, I looked forward to “The Nightingale.” Although it held my attention, throughout the book I could not quite put my finger on why I wasn’t moved by the distressful events of this World War Two story.

Two sisters struggle to survive in Nazi-occupied France; one maintains her home and resists any idea of resistance. The other sister, impulsive and passionate, launches herself into the resistance movement, and becomes The Nightingale, leading British and American pilots through the mountains to Spain, to return them to their countries to fight another day.

The book delivers a potentially powerful story of suspense, courage, honor, love, and loyalty. My reservations are with regard to the level of exaggeration I felt was in play. And the tendency to cliche. Granted, these devastating events occurred, I just don’t believe they all happened to so few people. It is as if all the horror stories of the war were funneled into this one book, and it seemed a wee bit unrealistic and unbelievable to me.

As bizarre as this sounds, I became somewhat desensitized to the travesties. I am a sentimental, soft soul, and fully expected to be brought to tears by this tale. Especially having loved other books of Kristin Hannah’s. But I have come to the conclusion that this book, in its leaning toward melodrama, turned me off at some level, and I was left with a feeling of disappointment that truly surprised me.

So 3 stars for “The Nightingale,” which I hate to say is not one of Hannah’s best. I feel almost guilty saying this as I love so much of Hannah’s work.

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