Hi! from Diane and Mark

Mark & Di garden 6 2012 crppdThis is just to welcome you to our new website. We decided to lump all our various projects under one umbrella website, and have named ourselves “Eloquent Rascals.”

Eloquent, hopefully. Rascals, definitely.

We are glad to have you with us, and hope you find music, books or articles that fascinate or amuse or entertain you.

And do feel free to leave a comment or say hi, we’d love to hear from you!

Mark and Di


5 thoughts on “Hi! from Diane and Mark”

  1. Hello Diane,
    I had the pleasure of meeting you in person, when you were in panto in the Civic Hall in Guildford Surrey England. You were all dressed in pink and pink leg warmers too 🙂 Very Sexy Hee Hee
    I still have all your albums of music, a good friend let me borrow a computer program to clean the LP’s up.
    So no more clicks or bad sounds, just your sweet voice coming throgh crystal clear again.
    How is life treating you in New Hampshire now, the last time I had a mail message from you were telling me about your new recording studio at your new house.
    As for me I have moved to live in Cornwall in the South West of England with my family, but in 2007 I suffered a stroke and my hand built model business had to stop. I made model helicopters for a local airline which then sold them to the public for me, plus living so close to one of the largest helicopter bases in Western Europe. I went on to supply the Royal Navy with models, the main one the public liked most were the Search and Rescue Sea King helicopters of 771 Squadron based at RNAS Culdrose which is near the town called Helston, you can find us on the map if you like Hee Hee
    I hope you are both keeping in good health, but all that fresh clean air in New Hampshire must be doing you some good after all LOL

    Best Wishes
    Bob Hyde x

    1. Hi Bob, So nice to hear from you! And oh, my, That was so much fun – I loved panto! What chance does a girl get to sing “Once Twice Three Times a Lady” ? 🙂 And I remember a little 7-year-old boy in the front row saying out loud, “But Mummy, that’s a GIRL!” I could hardly keep singing, trying not to laugh! The people around him did!

      So sorry to hear about your stroke, Bob – ain’t getting older a challenge? Who was it that said, “not for the faint of heart.” So true. But if you can’t make your models anymore, I do hope you have found something creative and joyful to fill your heart. For me it is gardening, writing… when I am too decrepit to garden like I do now, I will write, and fortunately I should be able to keep doing that for a long time! 🙂

      Thanks for getting in touch, and so glad you can still hear all those old albums, without the crackle of vinyl!

      My very best,


  2. Hi Diane

    I used to love your BBC show in the 70s. Sadly, the BBC (nor anyone else for that matter) doesn’t seem to do that sort of thing anymore. Such a shame, I really miss it.

    Can you tell me though, did you ever sing Laura Nyro’s “Stoney End” on that show? I’m sure I remember it. I guess it must have been around 1973 or 4 but I was only 13 or 14 at the time, so perhaps my memory is playing tricks on me. I can’t find reference to it anywhere.

    It would be great to find a Youtube clip of it if it exists. Or even if you did it – perhaps I am mistaken!

    Best wishes

    Colin Robson

    1. Hi Colin, Nice to hear from you and so glad you enjoyed the BBC shows, all those years ago. I, too, wish light entertainment shows still existed. They don’t here, either…

      Nope, never did Stoney End. Can’t even bring the tune to mind, I’m afraid.

      Warmly, Di

      1. Ah well. I guess my memory isn’t as good as I thought it was. Great song though. I’m sure you’d recognize it if you heard it.


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